Visual Studio and IntelliSense are too slow

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Recently I have installed Visual Studio 16.7.1 on a new laptop I bought, and everything was too slow. I didn’t know what happens, but after reset VS several times found a solution.

I saw some people after updating the version (+16.5.4) that had a lot of lag with IntelliSense where it would cause noticeable pauses while editing text.


The solution I found is to disable the flag ‘Show items from unimported namespaces (experimental)‘. You can found it in Tools/Options…/Text Editor/Language/IntelliSense.

⚠ Note: By default, the checkbox ‘Show items from unimported namespaces (experimental)’ was in the undetermined state on my side (neither checked nor unchecked). Just uncheck it completely.

📰 Good news: This also works for the error that says ‘IntelliSense stopped working’.

After disabling this flag you can see drastically improved the speed. This is a small workaround because I still feel some little freeze sometimes, when get a complete solution I would update this post.

Latest alternatives

There are other alternatives that I have seen on the internet and I will mention them below.

  • Reset Visual Studio
  • Reset your machine
  • Update your Visual Studio

I will start this small series just trying to help some of you. If you think is helpful just share it with the community. I hope this tip can help some of you; if you have any advice or solution you can leave them in comments 😉

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