Hi, I’m Luis Matos a software engineer passionate about software design.

My story

In a sense when I was very young I liked to set up TV for my parents. This was one of my first interactions with technology; As far as I can remember. At the age of 13-14 I begin to get involved in technology at a slightly more technical level. At that time I used Photoshop to create images of all kinds, very amazing.

When I was starting in the university in the systems engineering career something very peculiar happened, in the math class they sent us to do a program with Visual Basic and guess … It was easy for me. And not only that was something I really enjoyed; I was having such a good time that I am still in the world of software development.

My personal brand and my biggest milestones

In 2018 my blog took off and I have started to teach Mobile Application Development with Xamarin. In this 2019 I have far exceeded the visits to my blog, reaching more than two thousand visits per day in a new publications. That is why I want to launch premium products (templates, ebooks and courses) for the entire community.

Companies are starting to call me for collaborations while I participate in different public media. My personal brand is consolidating, many media began to mention me and international travel has already begun (Colombia and Dom. Rep.).

I have always been restless minded and in recent years I have offered consultancies and developments to brands and companies, before as a freelance and now with my agency.

My next steps

I do not rule out studying a second career and do a PhD focused on business. I am currently preparing a line of content and products in English.

Now I want to promote several projects: Malla Agency (Software Development Agency), DCI (congresses and workshops in Dom.Dom), Malla Academy (my online training school) and Luis Matos (my blog, and my personal brand).

This is my true story, pure and sincere. Many think that I am successful, but in reality I have enough goals to accomplish and I know that the road is long.

I have not seen my best results yet, I change many fun nights for work nights, change trips for savings and whims for technological investments.

I can tell you that I am not yet living the life I always wanted. That means you have to work and sacrifice more because with passion, dedication and patience everything is possible.

My job is and will continue to be my favorite hobby and I will never get tired of learning, sharing and helping others.

Secrets to Success

  • Every day I try to learn something new, I am very curious and I don’t give up until I get what I want.
  • To work more efficiently I have to listen to music sometimes at low volume when I am doing reports or a little loud when I am doing routine things.
  • I am addicted to technology but I am aware of the power of a blackboard, notebook and pencil.
  • I take great care of my personal brand and image, so you will never see me the same costumes repeated at events.
  • When many partying on weekends I stay happy at home working and developing my business.
  • I make many collaborations with other professionals in my environment, I have mentors and idols whom I admire and that motivate me to be a better person and professional.
  • In 2017 I became independent to dedicate myself 100% to my business and my digital projects. It was the most difficult decision of my professional career, but certainly the best.
  • I have a group of companies through which we have different projects and make different investments. I like to diversify my business and investments.
  • I am aware that it is not good to be the most expensive employee in my business. That’s why I always try to empower my team constantly, I delegate more than ever and focus only on what I enjoy most: creating, helping and empowering.