7 Tactics to structure your project with Xamarin Forms

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Through this e-book of the 7 tactics to structure your projects in Xamarin forms I want to share more about the techniques that for years have helped many developers and development companies to build more scalable applications with the tools you already have.

I still remember the first time I tried using a different structure than the one I was already using to develop an application in Xamarin forms, the results were incredible. There I understood the importance of being able to structure your projects from the beginning and since then we apply it whenever we can.

What is Xamarin Forms

Xamarin.Forms is perfect for cross-platform applications that display “data forms” where the main purpose of the application is to display data in a standardized way.

Xamarin.Forms allows you to define a single shared user interface on all supported platforms. This maximizes your ability to share code: You can share your UI and business logic within the same project, speeding up productivity and development times.

The 7 tactics to structure your projects

In the e-book I highlight the 7 tactics to structure your projects with Xamarin Forms that will help you create more scalable applications.

  • Measure before you start
  • Understand the structure of your project
  • Consider some extra layers
  • Change the structure of your folders conveniently
  • Add an MVVM Framework
  • Add Reusable Code
  • Use the tools you have available.

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