You can make money with a mobile application

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I have achieved it, and that is why I want to reveal you step by step to create a strategy from scratch and, thus, you also generate income.

Some say that having a mobile application to earn money is a chimera but it can be quite simple with the right tools.

I assure you that giving value to others and making it a stable source of income is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. You just have to know how to do it right and with this guide I want to tell you everything.

Let me explain how …

  • Create and enhance the brand of your application.
  • Turn your application into infoproducts and generate stable income.
  • Create products that really interest your audience.
  • Launch your application on different platforms.

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Where are you now with your mobile application?


So you have something of value to offer. That’s great. I’m going to tell you how to do it right from the beginning so that your project is a success.

You will know…

  • How to create your own mobile application with a strong brand.
  • How to make money with a mobile application and turn it into a stable source of income.

My advice is that you start with all these resources that I have selected for you in the order that interests you most.



Then you know what this is all about, now you just need a strategy to make the leap.

You are in the right place if …

  • You already have an application, but you don’t have a list of users.
  • You already have an application, but you are not making money with it and you want to know how to do it.
  • You want to learn to plan your strategy to make it a success.

When I was in your situation, I would have liked to have these resources at hand:


This is really good news. The important thing is that now you know which strategies work and which ones you DO NOT have to follow under any circumstances if you want to sell your knowledge to anyone in the world.

Continue here if …

  • You already have a community and want to make it grow exponentially.
  • You want to create your first infoproducts or online courses.
  • You are ready to sell more and more with your blog.
  • You plan to set up your own online school and sell your own courses or those of your affiliates.

Save the resources that I leave here below and keep them handy. I’m sure they will help you make that leap you’re looking for:

Here you have the best tools to monetize your mobile applications

  Apple App Store Affilitate

It is an affiliate program of Apple Inc. to earn commissions on digital advertising content hosted on the Apple App Store.


A tool to receive payments worldwide. There are other freelancers, bloggers, small business owners, etc. such as Payoneer , Stripe or Google Pay .


A tool to exchange cryptocurrencies (if you receive payments with cryptocurrencies). There are other alternatives such as Coinbase or LocalBitcoin . On the other hand, a good portfolio such as Ledger Wallet or Trezor Wallet is recommended .

  Amazon Mobile Affiliates

It allows you to monetize your application with the sale of physical or digital products, you can earn 10% of more than one million products. eBay also offers a similar approach.

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