Xamarin Universe: a call to action


The Xamarin Universe is an initiative that seeks to unify all resources (communities, resources, jobs, etc.) within the same environment.

This initiative aims to make the community aware of those resources that Xamarin developers unknown and are highly needed. Sometimes, many of those resources help us work in a productive way or simply help us find those things we want.

To achieve this objective, a series of projects have been lauched that follow the philosophy posed above. In this new year to come, some projects that seek to unify the entire community will be launched. Imagine a global community working together for a single goal.

Resources and the Community

When you belong to a community, things change.  Within a Community, with a common interest, we can have direct access to those resources that many times we don’t know they already exist.  With a simple consultation we can solve, in many cases, our problems.

Several projects have been launched in relation to the Xamarin Universe. The main goal is to have a dedicated community focused on being part of this movement. The idea is not to have many members, we want to have an active community that contributes to the growth of itself. We understand that the first and most important resource are Us.

Xamarin Universe Community

You can find the Xamarin Universe community within different channels like: FacebookWhatsapp And Telegram. Being the Facebook group the main community of its extensions. It is good to mention that the community also has its version in Spanish,  it is still the same community.

There are other communities on FB like Xamarin Developers orXamarin Forms Developers that have more members because they were created when Xamarin began to take influence in the developers. Here the idea is not to eliminate those communities, we want to bring out the most beautiful of each community to create a global resource that can be of benefit to the community at large.

On the other hand, the Xamarin Universe also has a presence in whatsapp and telegram. At the beginning it was only telegram, but the community opted to have a community in whatsapp because this tool is more common. Although the community in whatsapp is bigger over time I think that will be the best option using the telegram channel for better handling and interactivity.

Xamarin Universal Library

Another Xamarin Universe project  is the Xamarin Universal Library. This library was created in order that we can find webpages of interest, jobs, postcasts, blogs, images, videos, among other resources within a single place.

Many times we ignore all the Resources that we can have available, just for not having the knowledge that they exist. The idea is having a library that we can get information about everything in the Xamarin enviroment. To achieve this goal it has been created a Repository where you can find the library.

Within this library there are many valuable resources that can be useful to you. However, this is just the beginning. It still needs to be fed. I think it’s time for you to join us being part of the Xamarin Universe Collaborators.

Call to Action

Create the Xamarin Universe is not a task for a few members. We need collaborators, creative people with new projects that follow this philosophy, collaborators that share and transmit this initiative, and people that especially believe in this that we are initiating. We need partners like You, for something you keep reading.

I invite you to join us as part of this Community, share this philosophy and especially contribute in what you can. Let’s make the difference. Let’s be one.

Who can help

Each and every one of us can contribute. With the simple fact of sharing this initiative, you are collaborating within the Xamarin Universe.

For those who are starting, are usually looking for resources to keep learning. Here it is advisable to go to the Xamarin Universal Library to see if you find what you’re looking for. If youndon’t find it, once you find it, you can add it to the library so that these resources can help others.

In the same way for those who have more experiences. Usually we always have saved resources that are useful. If we share those resources within the community, the community will be receiving enormous support from us.

Already a contributor?

Xamarin Universe Contibutor Badge

Great! Good to have you aboard!

You can show off to the world by incorporating this badge into your blog, social network, or wherever you want. If you would have it link back to us, that would be totally awesome!


What’s next

These are some projects that have been well accepted in the community. Soon it will launched new initiatives that follow this approach or philosophy. There are very interesting projects therefore I recommend to be aware of any update here.

In the same way, if you have any project in mind, let us know. The community always is willing to collaborate in this kind of initiatives.

Of interest…


Facebook Community:

  • Xamarin Universe (EN)
  • Universo Xamarin (ES)

Community in WhatsApp:

  • Xamarin Universe (EN)
  • Universo Xamarin (ES)

Community in Telegram:

  • Xamarin Universe (EN)
  • Universo Xamarin (ES)

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