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Xamarin roadmap. Always the community wanted to have a roadmap that helps them in the professional development area within the scope of Xamarin.

I have always recommended what Xamarin University is, which is quite possibly already migrated in Microsoft Learn for those who are in the future.

What I have done is to take as a base the roadmap proposed by Xamarin University to create a new one.

It is good to mention that the changes to the original roadmap are completely based on my criteria, and on the help of some collaborators, on what is believed to be able to help the whole community. In the same way, this roadmap will be published in GitHub for the community to update it.

What you should know

All the subjects shown within a specific area have a unique ID that is composed of the abbreviations of the entity to be discussed and the level of the topic to be studied.

You can use the entity level to guide yourself. For example, we have the guide EX001, EX010, EXn … the correct way is to start with 001, then pass 010 and so on.

To make this a little clearer, let’s define the levels and abbreviations.



  • XAM – Xamarin/Xamarin.Forms
  • CPF – Cross-platform
  • AND – Xamarin.Android
  • IOS – Xamarin.iOS
  • XTC – Testing
  • CSC – C#
  • FCS – F#
  • AZR – Azure
  • ENT – Enterprise Services
  • XXX – (only for OlympuX gods)

Xamarin Roadmap

The roadmaps will be on GitHub in a public repository (PRs are welcome 😎) where everyone can support, this means that the content will be updated in the corresponding articles.

The roadmap that we will deal with are the following:

Note: This list will be updating the links to the corresponding learning routes as they are posted.


The structure of the roadmaps will be a table with all the topics that interested people can investigate on their own to develop theirself in the chosen area. In the same way, each topic will be detailed showing some related resources as a base that can be used to start in the search for knowledge.

Where to start

When you are starting in the world of Xamarin a very recurring question is what would be the path to choose. The decision between Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin.iOS / Xamarin.Android. The ideal would be for you to study the basis of the benefits of each approach, to see the differences between them and for you to choose which approach you want to start with in relation to what Xamarin wants to learn.


For people who do not know how to code in .net, we have left two roadmaps about C # and F # which are the languages you can use to work with Xamarin.


It is very important before you start to see the Introduction to Xamarin [XAM101] to start in this world. Once you have or know the Xamarin base you can go directly to the Multiplatform Mobile Development roadmap.


When you master the base and intermediate levels of the multi-platform learning path you can move on to the Xamarin.Forms Introduction roadmap. When you finish this part you can continue with the Xamarin.iOS or Xamarin.Android Introductions roadmap, among these last ones the order does not matter (although if you are a Windows user it is better to start with Android).

At this point, the suitable is to know what are the characteristics that define each project or concept in order to know which solution is best suited to what might be needed. Once you know this, you can go directly to the basic/intermediate part of the Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android roadmap and then move on to the Xamarin.Forms basics and intermediate levels. Once this part is completed, the appropriate would be to complete the Cross-platform roadmap.

Similarly, Azure and Testing roadmap, at this point are a good choice of study (at least in its beginner and intermediate phases).

Advanced and expert

At this point, you should already know in what approach you want to specialize knowing that you need a bit of all approach. Already here the decision is yours about what to learn. You have the roadmaps to guide you. A good initiative would be to complete the Enterprise roadmap.


Learn beyond normal, beyond the limits of imagination. Reach where only a few have been able to reach. It is time to show yourself to the world, show that you are a DioX and are part of OlympuX.

Become part of the OlympuX gods now, more information.


On the other hand, I will publish weekly one or two learning routes (depending on the time available) until completing the final guide. However, I currently have the lists done, but I need to complete the resources corresponding to each area.

Of interest…


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