Xamarin Month: Love and Friendship


The Xamarin Month is an initiative that is born from the advent calendars (C#, F#) created previously in different languages.

In our case we will not celebrate holidays, but we will follow a topic. Each month we celebrate the Xamarin Month will have a different theme or topic. Because the February month is the base point for this initiative, our first theme is the Xamarin Month of love and friendship. Remembering that it was in February 2016 when Xamarin was bought by Microsoft.

microsoft ama xamarin

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of XAMARIN is Microsoft. I think the best thing that has happened to Xamarin is that it is part of Microsoft ♥.

Community: friendship

Within our Xamarin Universe community we have adopted this initiative in order to promote our love for this Xamarin. With this initiative we focus on enjoying new things with Xamarin every single day of the month.

In the same way, presenting one of our projects called Xamarin Universal Library where you can find all kinds of material related to Xamarin. It is a repository on GitHub that we invite you to use when you need something.

Xamarin Month

The dynamic is as follows: every day from day 1 to February 28, one (or two) blog post about Xamarin will be published (with a lot of ♥) by our amazin volunteers. Once the blog post is published, it will be available in the calendar below so that everyone can see it.

Let’s support this initiative and create the first Xamarin Month of the year. Now we only need volunteers who are ready to prepare an blog post about Xamarin and publish it on the selected date.

This initiative is carried out in both Spanish and English. If you are a volunteer who can write the blog post in both languages you can add it to both calendars. Calendar in Spanish here.


  1. Reserve a slot on Twitter (with hashtag #xamarin #xamarinmonth) or leave a comment on this post.
  2. Select a blog post topic about Xamarin (if you relate it to our topic would be much better ♥) for your blog and send it to me on Twitter or leave me a comment on this post.
  3. Prepare your blog post in English, in this case about Xamarin (You do not have to advertise your article until the day you booked).
  4. Add a link in your blog post that links back to here, so that your readers may find the complete Xamarin Month.
  5. Publish your blog post on the specified date (according to the calendar).
  6. Post the link to your blog post on Twitter with the hashtags #xamarin #xamarinmonth

Optional: add your blog post to the Xamarin Universal Library and be part of our contributors. All contributors to the community can show their Xamarin Universe contributor badge, more information in the repository.

Below are all the slots and/or people who have requested it. Once the calendar is full if someone wants to continue supporting this initiative, we will proceed to publish two articles per day.

Note: Following the topic is optional. Be creative we can add at least flashy titles that follow the topic. Although you do not necessarily have to follow the topic in the content.

The requests will be handled in order of arrival. In the same way, I have booked on February 24 for myself, for being one of the least desired days or so I think. February 14 is the day of love and friendship so is reserved for a post thatt follows our topic, then if you want that day you will have to show me your proposal with ♥.

Want February 14?

It is not fair if I select the topic. What about if the community select the topic? Yeah 😎. If you want the day of love and friendship you need to follow the rules below.

  1. Select a blog post topic about Xamarin (need to relate it to our theme ♥)
  2. Publish it on Twitter (with hashtag #xamarin #xamarinmonth and #xamarinmonthfeb14)
  3. Follow the main Rules and starting in point 3.

Will win the tweet that community like the most ♥. This kind of competition will be open until January 31.

Some ideas

  • Why I love Xamarin
  • The new thing that Xamarin brings with love
  • My experience in the Xamarin community: a million friends
  • The most promising characteristics of Xamarin
  • Xamarin loves us all
  • Introduction to Xamarin Forms: know all the love that Xamarin has for you
  • Why UnitTest is my best friend with Xamarin projects


Blog postAutorDay
Why I Choose XamarinJames Montemagno1
Azure Table Storage with Xamarin FormsLuis Beltran2
Xamarin ♥ SignalR ServiceDaniel Hindrikes3
10 lovely things you should tell your friends about XamarinMartin Zikmund4
Use NuGets for your common Xamarin (Forms) code (and automate the creation process)Marco Siccardi5
Multi targeting, am I falling in love?Pieter Nijs6
Using Custom Fonts In Xamarin.FormsMatthew Robbins7
Bluetooth LE for Xamarin.Forms – How To Control Things From The Level Of Mobile AppServoCode8
ffimageloader + lottie = 😍Daniel John Causer10
Why becoming a Blogger help you grow in your career: My Personal experience as Xamarin BloggerLeomaris Reyes10
5 Azure Offerings I ❤️ For Xamarin DevelopmentMatthew Soucoup11
Plug and play animations in xamarin formsCharlin Agramonte12
Using custom markers in Google Maps on Xamarin FormsAritra Das13
Fall in Love with Xamarin.Forms ShellAlejandro Ruiz13
Instantly releasing features in a world that never sleeps, using Feature FlagsClaudio Sanchez14
FontAwesome in Xamarin.Forms applicationsSebastian15
Xamarin ❤️ F#Jim Bennett16
Stunning Animations In Xamarin.Forms With LottieHussain Abbasi17
Let us improve that Xamarin Forms startup experienceMark Allibone18
Introduction to Augmented Reality with ARKitMichael Ridland20
Profiling memory leaks in XamarinKirk Patrick Junsay22
Maps and Location Tracking with Xamarin FormsAngel Garcia22
OverlayView in Xamarín FormsRendy Del Rosario23
Sharing is Caring – Xamarin Forms and Prism Template PackLuis Pujols24
Visual: The Xamarin.Forms futureLuis Matos25
Compatibility between mobile screens and improving your releasesJeury Ant26
When you should choose Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android  over Xamarin.FormsGlenn Stephens26

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