The perfect framework in the mobile development world – Talk (spanish)


A lot of people want to get involved in the mobile development world because this is part of the future.

Now it’s time to clarify doubts and mention the parameters to be taken into account when choosing a specific tool that suits our needs.

Are you ready?

The perfect framework

This talk, although agnostic, was based on previous articles where you can appreciate the following:

  • The importance of mobile development, its different approaches and its history (also my beginnings xD). More information here.
  • The general criteria to know if a tool is suitable for you. More information here.
  • And a comparison between tools where you can appreciate deeper criteria. More information here.

Of interest…

You can download the presentation here.

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Luis Matos

Luis Matos

I help professionals and companies to create value solutions. I am a Systems Engineer, blockchain executive, and international mobile application speaker. Founder of the Malla Consulting Agency and several international technology communities.
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