Take the Design of your Mobile Applications to another level by creating Prototypes

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Discover my content section specialized in mobile application design, where you will learn how to design them professionally.

It is the difference between being one more or standing out above all. You will begin to shine as a brand when you genuinely connect with your client, build a valuable tool and, instead of users, have genuine ambassadors.

Here you will discover:

  • What to do and what NOT to do in mobile design.
  • How to plan, apply and measure your UI / UX.
  • How to design your mobile applications of real value.
  • How to bill if you want to prototype for others.

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Where are you now with your prototypes?


Great. Here you will find the design and prototype resources that you need to launch, from scratch, a real and effective mobile application.

Start here if …

  • You want to create a new application.
  • You want to design mobile applications like a professional.
  • You plan to do surveys before designing your application.
  • You need to learn from scratch, with clear guidelines and direct application.

Thinking about your current situation, I recommend that you have these free and premium prototype design courses, articles and downloadables available. It is not necessary that you follow a specific order, review them according to what interests you most at all times.



Then the time has come to take a leap in quality, professionalize management and start planning or analyzing the results of your accounts. Because it is difficult to make decisions if you do not know what you are doing.

This is your site if …

  • You want to improve the UI / UX of your mobile applications.
  • You need to retain and keep your users more active.
  • You are looking for clear guidelines to create value prototypes from today.
  • You want to learn how to prepare surveys because you are going to interact with a client.

If so, it will be good to see all these online prototype tools and courses:


In that case, let’s jump together to the next step. I will teach you to analyze in detail what happens in mobile applications, the secrets to improve the famous engagement with your audience and to masterfully manage the multiple accounts of your clients.

All this will help if you want …

  • Thoroughly analyze what is happening right now in your applications.
  • Accelerate your conversions and leads.
  • Budget and manage multiple prototypes as an agency.
  • Monitor and present results reports.

These templates and prototype strategy courses are made for you:

Here you have tools to work with Prototypes

  Adobe XD

Create interfaces and user experience of your prototypes with this tool. In my agency we also use Figma which is a powerful tool.


This is the best known tool for everyone for design in general. It will help you a lot to create specific resources. You can also see Illustrator or Affinity Designer (A mix between both.).

  Material Design

This is a guide for consistent cross-platform designs. We do not use it 100% but it is always good to take it into consideration just like Cupertino .

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