Hire my Speaker services and fill your events with energy

What is the secret of the success of any event? Without a doubt, the connection with the public.

And you can be sure that, beyond the value I can bring as an expert in digital marketing, I am above all an enthusiastic speaker, capable of involving even the most clueless of the last row.

In the last six years I have traveled twelve countries with my speaker service. What can you expect from my presentation ?:

  • Exclusive content for the audience of each event and country.
  • Active promotion of the event in my online communities, with thousands of professionals.
  • Talks and workshops 100% practical and strategic.
  • Extra enthusiasm.

You can also enjoy some of my talks

It is a magical moment in which I share all my experiments, tools and secrets, and where I give myself body and soul to the public.

If I look back, I have already offered my speaker service at many mobile development, artificial intelligence and cloud events.