The best opportunity to learn mobile development applications


Opportunity to learn to develop mobile applications. It’s essential to know, in the development area and in general, that it’s increasingly necessary to be connected to the information cloud provided by the internet. You can say that technology makes our lives much easier in that context.

We have reached a point where we can already count on our own personal assistant within our mobile devices thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Here the real question is: Where is the development of mobile applications going?

Well, according to statistics 80% of users who access to the internet are mobile users. This can be translated into more than 5 million mobile devices currently with more than 26 million applications downloaded from official stores.

The best opportunity to learn!

There is a consulting and technology research company called Gartner where statistics were shown that say that by 2022 the interactions with systems in companies and mobile devices will increase by 70%. In other words, in several years the use of mobile applications at the business level will grow by 70%.

If you are interested or involved in learning the mobile business applications development, be part of the movement and take advantage of the opportunity!

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Luis Matos

Luis Matos

I help professionals and companies to create value solutions. I am a Systems Engineer, blockchain executive, and international mobile application speaker. Founder of the Malla Consulting Agency and several international technology communities.
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