Hello Microsoft Learn / Good Bye Xamarin University

microsoft learn hello, bye xamarin university

Microsoft Learn, the new Microsoft learning platform totally free for the community. Xamarin University will no longer be available after June 2019.

That’s right, as you hear it. Microsoft is betting on its new platform called Microsoft Learn where all the courses of the Xamarin University are incorporated and therefore all the courses and workshops totally free.

This news was transmitted by mail. I leave the converted email and then we analyze it:

Xamarin University is moving to Microsoft Learn

In September 2018, Microsoft launched a free, interactive training portal, Microsoft Learn, incorporating many of Xamarin University’s popular features. We’re now preparing to merge Xamarin University into the new learning platform, where all coursework will be free.

What to expect
By early 2019, we’ll transition most Xamarin University certification and Xamarin.Forms courses to our self-guided learning portal, where they’ll be free. Then we’ll gradually convert all self-guided learning courses to Microsoft Learn before we close Xamarin University in June 2019. At that time, remaining subscriber-only content, including labs and off-topic videos, such as guest lectures, will be made available on YouTube and GitHub.

Office hours and instructor-led-only courses will remain available until May 1, 2019, giving you time to finish any in-progress Xamarin certifications. After May 1, 2019, these programs, including Xamarin certification exams, will no longer be available and active subscriptions will be canceled. For more details, please read our FAQ.

Thanks for learning with Xamarin University. We’re excited about sharing Xamarin content on Microsoft Learn, where we’ll provide new features and content—free for everyone.

What does this mean?

With the decision that Microsoft has taken, we can obviously notice several pros and cons.


  • One of the great advantages for the community, especially for the new ones, is that they will be able to have a lot of high quality material for free.
  • Updated material of Xamarin.
  • New platform where you can see more varied content.
  • Your progress of Xamarin University is in Microsoft Learn.
  • Although your Xamarin certification will not be migrated to Microsoft Learn, as progress will be mapped we will have the opportunity to earn badges, points and trophies based on what we have done at Xamarin University.


  • There will no longer be Xamarin certification, which was a way to validate your knowledge.
  • They will remove the Forum and the DevConnect Profile.
  • Similarly, they eliminate interaction with teachers that can be very useful especially if you are starting with Xamarin.

Conclusion – Microsoft Learn

The only thing we can do for now is to see what Microsoft Learn offers us. Although there are still doubts about this decision, like what will happen with the certified people? Is this certification no longer valid at all? For more information here.

Personally, I think we can still show the certification as part of our journey in the world of Xamarin and will still have its value. And what do you think? I would like to see your opinion about this topic in the comments box.

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Luis Matos

Luis Matos

I help professionals and companies to create value solutions. I am a Systems Engineer, blockchain executive, and international mobile application speaker. Founder of the Malla Consulting Agency and several international technology communities.

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Olivier Dahan
Olivier Dahan

That’s a logical move. I’m even very surprised Microsft kept the name “xamarin”, each time they bought a software company its name was erased from all documents and replace by “microsoft”, even the copyrights.
So it’s cool MS is keeping “Xamarin” as a brand dedicated to target cross-platform (cross-os exactly since UWP or Core are cross-platform in the cross-form factor meaning).
And it’s very cool all the good stuff in Xamarin University will be preserved and bring to a bigger platform.
But nostalgia will always be part of any evolution… 🙂

Olivier Dahan
Olivier Dahan

Nostalgia is always part of any evolution..
But this is a very logical move.

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