Restructuring everything: FancyToDoList with Xamarin.Forms


Creating a FancyTodoList. On this occasion, I want to announce what I have planned for part of this year. Some time ago, in my beginnings, in a company, they put me a test to create an application in my free time within 5 days. What I did was a ToDoList with a medium Fancy design.

On September 27-28, the #MonkeyFestLatam event was held at the Ruta N innovation and business center, Medellin, Colombia, where I participated as a speaker and presented this updated prototype implementing some Azure Cognitive Services to show how we can create applications smart with low costs and without any extraordinary knowledge about artificial intelligence.

You can see the application repository here. In this you have the base and the prototype with Azure Cognitive Services in the assigned links.

These types of details are very popular when applications are aimed at end-users. Something very important is to clarify that in the end, it is not to implement all the services, but rather to know which are keys to giving value to your project.

When I was making this prototype, I remembered the many applications that are not adapted to this functional and minimalist era in many cases. Knowing that there are many people of you that perhaps some areas are very good but not others, I thought about transforming the FancyToDoList by adding:

  • Services that give value to our applications
  • Re-designing the application to make it more usable and useful for users
  • Adding new controls that were not before
  • Update our project
  • Maybe a little serverless for disturbing
  • Tips and tricks for publishing applications
  • Tips and tricks to generate money with applications
  • Etc, etc., etc.


Here I describe a list of things that I want to implement (in no particular order) throughout this year and next.

  • Multi-language
  • Advertising or Ads
  • Voice command for people who can’t use their hands
  • ReactiveUI
  • Blockchain
  • Cognitive service
  • Shell? (Currently, the app is made with prism, for nothing in particular, and Shell does not support third-party frameworks)
  • Collection View
  • Different views on different platforms: design tips
  • etc..

Final considerations

Within this whole scheme, there are many surprises that have me very excited. While it is true, my constancy of blog posts has decreased but interestingly the views increase every day. The issue is that I don’t publish topics that don’t attract my attention, that doesn’t motivate me to write.

Possibly, when you are reading this article, I already have the new prototype made of the FancyToDoList which I will explain in the next article that I hope to publish soon.

Another thing…

The idea with all this is to be able to give them courage while indirectly to feel that I am really helping. If you, dear reader, know me, you know that I like to help as long as people can. The detail right now is that the more progress is made on the path I have chosen professionally, the more things I have to prioritize.

In order not to leave the blog aside with time, I have decided to restructure all the logistics behind it and make it something bigger, something with more impact for both you and me. Part of that structuring will change at a general level, so much so that I am already re-modeling the page and making adjustments to my personal brand.

Note: if you are having problems on the page, I am changing many things. Be patient!

I am really excited about everything new I have in mind for you and I hope it is accepted in the best way.

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Luis Matos

Luis Matos

I help professionals and companies to create value solutions. I am a Systems Engineer, blockchain executive, and international mobile application speaker. Founder of the Malla Consulting Agency and several international technology communities.
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