Code Snippets’ Xamarin Month

The Xamarin Month is a themed initiative launched last year that was crazy well accepted and supported by the community.

Each month we celebrate the Xamarin month we have a different theme. This time, our theme is Code Snippets.

What are Code Snippets?

Code snippets are small blocks of reusable code that can be inserted into a code file using a context menu command or hotkey combination. They typically contain very frequently used blocks of code, such as blocks try-finally or if-else, but they can also be used to insert complete classes or methods.

Microsoft Docs

If you do not know how to create a code snippet I will leave you a tutorial coming from the documentation that is very good. You can see it here.

Xamarin Month

The dynamics are as follows: every day from June 1 to June 30, one (or two) articles will be published describing the Code Snippet to be implemented for Xamarin by our amazing authors.

Once the article is published, it will be available in the calendar below for all to see.

This time we will add a small detail, the language tab. In the first calendar, calendars were carried out in both Spanish and English. But why divide them? Now we’ll have all the articles in one place in case you’re interested in knowing any details about a specific code snippet.

Where will code snippets be stored?

This is the general calendar where you can access the authors’ articles with their code snippets. Most code snippets don’t need an explanation but it’s interesting to see what it covers before integrating it into your VS.

Authors can put their article and info in their code snippet.

On the other hand, all Code Snippets will be downloadable so that we can all use them easily.


  1. Reserve a space on Twitter (with the hashtag  #xamarinmonth).
  2. Select a title for your Xamarin article and send it to me on Twitter or leave me a comment in this article. (Optional)
  3. Prepare your article, in this case with the code snippets you chose (You don’t have to advertise your article until the day you booked).
  4. Provide a direct download link to your code snippets files.
  5. Add a link in your article that links to here, so that your readers can find the full calendar.
  6. Publish your article on the specified date (according to the calendar).
  7. Post your article on Twitter with the hashtag  #xamarinmonth.

Below are all the spaces and/ or people who have requested it. Once the calendar is completed if someone wants to continue supporting we will proceed to publish two articles per day.

Note: Following the subject is mandatory. You must provide a download link to your code snippets files so that everyone can use it and find it easily.
Requests will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Some ideas for your code snippets

Whether you’re an author of a Xamarin framework or plugin, or just love a specific library, this is your chance to promote it and make community life easier. 😉

On the other hand, I’ve never seen code snippets for XAML in Xamarin Forms. Imagine adding controls like ListView with the header, ItemTemplate, and Footer with only a code snippet, that would be legendary and you would also be legendary, you would be the first to do so.


MvvmCross snippetsTomaszEN1
C# Markup SnippetsVincentH.NETEN4
BindableProperty snippetsMarco SiccardiEN5
Unit Testing snippetsTom SoderlingEN6
David OrtinauEN7
James MontemagnoEN8
XAML SnippetsAndreas NesheimEN9
Validations Snippets in Xamarin FormsCharlin AgramonteEN/ES10
TinyMvvm snippetsDaniel HindrikesEN11
Luis MatosEN/ES12
Luis BeltranEN/ES13
Cross-platform snippets for multitarget nuggetsFrançois RaminosonaEN14
Hussain AbbasiEN15
UI Testing SnippetsMarco KuiperEN16
Rendy Del RosarioEN17
Nick RandolphEN18
Damian MehersEN19
Damien DoumerEN21
Daniel Monettelli L.EN22
RxUI snippetsRodney Littles IIEN23
Ricardo PrestesEN24
Andrew HoeflingEN25
Kirk Patrick JunsayEN26
Ricardo RomoEN27
Oludayo AlliEN28
Glenn StephensEN29
Javier SuárezES30
Xamarin Code Snippets Calendar of the Month in June 2020

Want more resources?

I have created a resource section that is being very supported by the community where I will be uploading a lot of material of interest.

And very soon I will be sharing a public Google Sheet with tools and resources that I use in the day and I will be constantly updating it as I will use it as a personal library. That’s a pretty good idea, isn’t it? The best thing is that everyone will be able to have the resource always up to date.

In addition, you can leave me your comments and see that others we could add or if there is any better option for one of those tools.

If you want to take a look at the section, I’ll leave it here.

Thanks for reading!

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