Label. If something is true, it’s that Xamarin listens to the community. This time the Xamarin’s team, in response to the requests of the community, shows a new version of Xamarin.Forms 3.3.0. With this come new improvements and features.

We will focus on the new features incorporated in this new update of Xamarin.Forms. If you want to see all the details visit this link.

More Label Love

This was the subtitle that David Ortinau gave to the new features of the Labels in Xamarin.Forms 3.3.0. You can see his publication here for more details.

Now let’s go into matter. With this update we can add decorations to our text as underline and strike-through. Now it will be easier to simulate a link, as it’s shown in the following block.

You can also specify the number of maximum lines that you want your Label to show on the screen, let’s see.

From here, many interesting implementations and combinations can be made. It’s just a matter of imagination and creativity.

Final Result

xamarin forms 3.3.0

These were the most notable changes that this update has brought. Also this update comes with performance improvements, bug fixes, among other things. Do not forget that if you want to see all the details of the update, you can see it here. See you next time!

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