ImageButton the new control. Once again the Xamarin team launches new features with the new version of Xamarin.Forms 3.4.0. If you missed the new in the last version 3.3.0, you can see it here.

We will focus on the features incorporated in the new update of Xamarin.Forms. If you want to know all the details of the new update visit this link.

Say Hello to ImageButton

Paul DiPietro, a member of the Xamarin development team, gave this title. The new incorporated control in Xamarin.Forms 3.4.0, the ImageButton. You can see his post here to see all the details.

Now let’s go into what really matter. With this update, adding a ImageButton is extremely easy as shown below.

This would look like this:

ImageButton xamarin forms 3.4.0

Manual Reload ends today

Previously, to reload a WebView we had to set the Source property – even if it was the same source. Now, this won’t be necessary. This new version added to the WebView the Reload method. Look at this below.

Improvements for the XAML Compilation

A small detail added but really useful for the community. Now, Bad Property Values should be identified by a Line. Very useful, especially if you are starting to use xamarin.

Here the example:

bad property value in xaml


These were the most notable changes that this update has brought. Also this update comes with performance improvements, bug fixes, among other things.

It’s good to mention that the development team of Xamarin is doing an incredible job releasing updates constantly, which is appreciated a lot.

Don’t forget that if you want to see all the details of the update, you can see it here. See you next time!

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