Xamarin Roadmap

Xamarin roadmap. Always the community wanted to have a roadmap that helps them in the professional development area within the scope of Xamarin. I have always recommended what Xamarin University is, which is quite possibly already migrated in Microsoft Learn for those who are in the future. What I have done is to take as [...]

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Validation Rule Template – Extension for Visual Studio

Validation Rule Template extension. Create rules for your Xamarin and Windows properties in the easiest way. This extension enables developers to add an empty template validation rule for Plugin.ValidationRules. The Template contains an empty rule class that has the implementation of IValidationRule. Improve the quality of your data using validation rules. Validation rules verify that [...]

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Validation Rules for Xamarin and Windows

Validation Rules Plugin. There is an eBook call Enterprise Application Patterns using Xamarin.Forms. “The eBook focuses on core patterns and architectural guidance for developing Xamarin.Forms enterprise apps that are easier to test, maintain, and evolve. Guidance is provided on how to implement the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern, dependency injection, navigation, validation, and configuration management, while maintaining [...]

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Xamarin Universal Library

All together let's create the Xamarin Universal Library. A library where we can find pages of interest, jobs, postcasts, images, videos, among other resources of the Xamarin universe. The idea is that everyone contributes their grain of sand to have a suitable place for both the newest and the most expert. Many times we ignore [...]

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