Xamarin Roadmap

Xamarin roadmap. Always the community wanted to have a roadmap that helps them in the professional development area within the scope of Xamarin. I have always recommended what Xamarin University is, which is quite possibly already migrated in Microsoft Learn for those who are in the future. What I have done is to take as [...]

Xamarin Roadmap2019-06-02T15:40:03-04:00

The best opportunity to learn mobile development applications

Opportunity to learn to develop mobile applications. It's essential to know, in the development area and in general, that it's increasingly necessary to be connected to the information cloud provided by the internet. You can say that technology makes our lives much easier in that context. We have reached a point where we can already [...]

The best opportunity to learn mobile development applications2019-03-20T22:26:21-04:00