What do you need to become a Xamarin developer?


Have you ever wondered how to become a Xamarin developer? Xamarin is one of the most mature solutions on the market and that thanks to its evolution MAUI is one of the most promising technologies in the long term.

Mobile development has evolved over time and is that every day we are more surprised with the applications to different areas of life where they have created a revolutionary change (example Uber or Airbnb). More than one wanted to create his own Uber-style app, didn’t he?

So, how about I share some tips as a summary of the video that can help you on your learning path?

Xamarin versus other technologies

I wouldn’t tell you about other technology, we’re with an audience mostly from the Dominican Republic, I don’t know how this is the picture in other countries, but in the Dominican Republic, Microsoft technologies are moving. In order not to exaggerate we will put 70%, I think more but I do not want to exaggerate, of the work have to do with DotNet. So why Xamarin versus other technology? Because you already know and CSharp, you have already managed the visual studio, because you already know different libraries, you already know the new manager package, you already know the structure of a project on DotNet and it is much easier than going to learn other technologies“.

Angel Garcia

I used to Xamarin was android only. Now because I’m fighting Xamarin, I have to make apps for android and iOS. But honestly the immediate advantage I saw at Xamarin was that instead of having to keep two projects completely separate, in the end, if you think about the same app you’re supporting deserves the ability to have a single code base, manage a single team, and also the skills the team has your ability to share them between what you’re doing and you can use it for both iOS and Android.

Luis Pujols

Very important Charlin tells us that for companies to use a multi-platform solution reduces staff costs, and resources thus being able to offer more competitive prices to their customers. Things that were initially a little complicated.

Rendy adds to finish this section that in the end, it is a matter of knowing how to take advantage of the work stack that is being used in the company, or that as a programmer you use since all the other alternatives are equivalent solutions and there is none better than the other. However, he makes a clarification: “Now, things can change with MAUI.”

In my opinion, although the technologies are very similar each has its advantages and disadvantages, and you should only consider choosing one or the other, depending on the solution, when the stack does not affect you. If the stack affects you, then you know that the learning curve will be much longer.

Startings Xamarin

Let’s talk about the beginnings. The beginnings before were not the same as now for example I know that charlin and Rendi are since before Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft. That time was not the same, as working with Xamarin now. Today people have it very easy to develop with Xamarin.

It used to be fighting Xamarin.

Rendy Del Rosario

Things have already changed. There is already a more mature community and there is a toolkit that has everything you may need and much more. There are already some tough people who are on Twitter, you write to them and they answer you.

Angel Garcia

It used to be more fun to program with Xamarin, because before you had to be Cristobal Colon. Now it’s just looking for the recipe because it’s all there.

Rendy Del Rosario

Also, many people who started with Xamarin in its beginnings, when Xamarin was difficult, there was nothing, had a terrible body, usually used it for forms. Maybe they had their bad experience in 2014 but now things are very different.

Charlin Agramonte

How to get started with Xamarin

we’ve already talked a little bit about those beginnings at first that are very different from what it is now. We also talk indirectly about the maturity of the framework. Now we’re here to find out what those tips people need at least to get started.

For people who don’t know here, we have several angles. We have a team leader angle, a person who handles projects with a team to develop applications with Xamarin. We have a person who is also on the business side who hires staff and does consultancies and we have someone else who is a developer in the USA.

Luis Matos

Having this in context here the tips that would help those people get started with Xamarin.

The first thing you need to know is C#. And then the introduction to Xamarin. There are many resources on YouTube.

Charlin Agramonte

In the resources section, we leave a collection of resources collected in the live stream.

You also have to learn Guide Lines from each platform. We know that Android has its Material Design and iOS has Human Interface. Learn at least those little tips.

Luis Pujols

Comments or tips

You can get your team in trouble for bigotry issues, just because you heard a lot of people repeating the same thing. The human nature that what you hear repeatedly you understand is real.

If half a team works with cTM, the most obvious thing is to use


You can get your team in trouble for bigotry issues, just because you heard a lot of people repeating the same thing. The human nature that what you hear repeatedly you understand is real.

If half a team works with C#, the most obvious thing is to use Xamarin.

Angel Garcia

I’d say there’s a point that’s not in presentations. There’s something Xamarin has, I’m not saying it’s better because I keep saying they’re the same, but Xamarin is the only technology that can be done in the same CSharp language native things. Other technologies at some point there will be something very complex or concrete that is not done in some library and you will have to do it in a native language.

Rendy Del Rosario

Companies using Xamarin in the Dominican Republic:

  • Coca-cola
  • Pepsi
  • cerveceria
  • Jetblue
  • UPS
  • Amoung others.



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