Battle of Multiplatform Mobile Frameworks


Since time immemorable, developers compare the tools of work against their compatriots. In many cases, these developers do not have sufficient experience on all the tools to make an adequate judgment; that’s why we’ve decided to create The Battle of Mobile Frameworks.

These are our participants:

Nice marketing, isn’t it? Well, it’s not a battle xD. The idea is to clean all the myths that haunt the communities of different technologies. And what better, if it’s not with industry leaders, right?

The sections discussed were:

  • Learning curve
  • Reliability
    • Development tools
    • Platforms
    • Backup companies
    • yield
    • community
    • maturity
    • Speed of development
  • Labor demand


Do you want to know what each of these tools offers? Don’t miss the big debate.

Would you like more similar themes? Let me know in the comments or on social media.

I hope this initiative is useful to you. A hug, and until next time.

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Luis Matos

Luis Matos

I help professionals and companies to create value solutions. I am a Systems Engineer, blockchain executive, and international mobile application speaker. Founder of the Malla Consulting Agency and several international technology communities.
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