Achieve better results thanks to the best practices to position your application

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Can you imagine being able to leave today the system that helps you reach your users on autopilot over the next few years?

Then you would not only have better results that will guarantee a peaceful future for your application. It is also that you could devote your time to what you really want and care about.

I want to help you learn to position your application. So that in a few days you are also improving your results in autopilot.

Here you will discover:

  • How to apply my positioning method to your application.
  • What tools will be useful for you.
  • What funnels or funnels will increase your results.

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Where are you now?


I know this topic can be difficult to understand at the beginning. But don’t worry, because I’m going to explain everything from scratch and I’m going to show you step by step to apply this strategy to your business.

Start here if …

  • You don’t know what the ASO is.
  • You have never planned a user funnel or funnel.
  • You do not know what tools you have at your fingertips to position your applications.
  • You want a strategy to improve your results in autopilot.

Save these articles, downloadables and courses, review them when you have questions. Remember that it is not necessary to follow a specific order, you just have to click on the content that most interests you according to the moment you are in right now.



Perfect. From now on you will start to apply strategies and see results. It is time to start building a medium and long term relationship with all potential users who are not yet ready to buy what you sell, save time on those repetitive actions in your day to day and analyze every action you take.

This is your site if …

  • You know the potential of this strategy, but you don’t know how to implement it.
  • You have decided to create more complex collection funnels.
  • You want to know how all your platforms communicate: Facebook, e-mail, your own application …
  • You need resources to improve the results of your strategies.

Get started with these articles and courses that I have selected for you:


Congratulations. I have to congratulate you because you are in a privileged situation. Not everyone is able to fully understand how the positioning of mobile applications works, much less consider complex strategies (some may last several months in the process). Now you just have to take the last step so that your system rolls alone.

Here you will find guidelines for:

  • Redefine your automation strategies in the short, medium and long term.
  • Optimize funnels or funnels to capture your application.
  • Understand the metrics of your strategy to make the right decisions.

I am sure you will want to have these resources at hand:

Here you have tools to position your application

 Google Play Developer Console

The tool for Google Play developers, with which you can define and optimize applications in an easy and intuitive way.

 The Tool

It is a very powerful and very easy to use ASO Tool that allows you to track and optimize everything related to your ASO strategy and application marketing.

 App Annie

It is a very complete tool to make Markets Researchs or Market Studies such as Google Play or App Store among the most prominent.

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